Authentic Vietnamese Canh Chua Recipe | Sweet and Sour Soup with a Twist #vietnamesecooking

Authentic Vietnamese Canh Chua Recipe | Sweet and Sour Soup with a Twist #vietnamesecooking

Authentic Vietnamese Canh Chua Recipe: Sweet and Sour Soup with a Twist

Prepare to indulge in a symphony of flavors as we dive into the heartwarming world of Vietnamese home cooking! In this captivating YouTube video, we’re unveiling the secrets behind Canh Chua, a beloved sweet and sour soup that’s a staple of Vietnamese comfort cuisine. But wait, there’s a twist – we’re using shrimp heads to create a tantalizing variation that’s perfect for any occasion.

🍤 Introducing Canh Chua: The Ultimate Vietnamese Comfort Food
Canh Chua, a cherished recipe passed down through generations, captures the essence of home comfort with its harmonious blend of sweet and sour notes. This soup is the ideal partner to Ca Kho To, the iconic braised catfish, forming a match made in Vietnamese culinary heaven.

🦐 A Delightful Twist: Shrimp Head Canh Chua
In this recipe, we’re taking the road less traveled and using succulent shrimp heads to elevate the flavors of Canh Chua. Usually when this is paired with Ca Kho To, the head and the tail of the fish is used to make the soup, while the body is used for the braised. But since I only bought the catfish steaks to make ca kho to, I’m using shrimps for this recipe. Which is just as good!

🍽️ Perfect Pairing: Canh Chua and Ca Kho To
Uncover the secrets of a classic duo that’s stood the test of time. Witness how Canh Chua’s sweet and sour profile beautifully complements the rich, caramelized flavors of Ca Kho To, the braised catfish. It’s a combination that celebrates the harmony and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.

🎥 Let’s Get Cooking!
Hungry for an unforgettable taste of Vietnam? Join me in this captivating YouTube video as I guide you through the enchanting process of crafting Canh Chua with a shrimp head twist. Prepare to be inspired, surprised, and ultimately satisfied by this unique take on a cherished tradition.

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Canh Chua (Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup)

The saying goes that you're supposed to season this soup 3 times. As the flavor of the soup changes with each step. Depending on the ingredients, and your taste for sour, sweet, and savorness, you will adjust to how you want it to be. This recipe is an outline.
This canh chua is almost always paired with Ca Kho To; Vietnamese Braised Catfish. Look for the recipe in the SEARCH section link!
Usually the head and the tail of the catfish is used for canh chua, and the mid section is to make ca kho to. Both this dish pairs so well for a balance home comfort meal.
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: Main Course, Soup
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Keyword: canh chua, shrimp soup, sour soup, vietnamese soup, vietnamese sweet and sour soup
Servings: 4 People
Cost: $15-$20


1 lb shrimps head on

    3 oz tamirind paste (can sub with 4 oz white vinegar & 1 Lime juice)

      1-2 tomatoes (wedge)

        1 cellery (chopped)

          1-2 taro stem (peeled and sliced)

            8 okra (halves)

              1-2 thai chili

                4-5 Rice paddy herbs (chopped)

                  1/6 pineapple (chopped)

                    Seasoned to taste

                      salt, sugar, fish sauce, chicken granulate, & MSG


                        • in about 3 quart of water: add in the tomato, and pineapples
                        • season broth with:
                          2 tablespoon salt
                          2 tablespoon chicken granulated seasoning
                          1 teaspoon msg
                          10 tablespoon sugar
                        • throw in the shrimps
                        • in a strainer, whisk the tamarind paste in the pot
                        • Add:
                          3-4 tablespoon fish sauce
                          and adjust to taste with more sugar, msg,
                        • Bring to boil and add in all the veggies
                        • bring to boil and adjust to taste again with sugar, fish sauce, msg (white vinegar or lime juice if you want mor sour.
                        • The taste should be sweet, sour, and savory. ENJOY!

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