TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN MAUI 2021 | Travel Guide

TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN MAUI 2021 | Travel Guide

There are so many activities you can do while in Maui, Hawaii.
This is my Top 5 pick of must do’s in Maui for the year 2021.

#5 Rent a Moped: Rent a moped while you are on the island, for at least a day. You’ll be able to ride along the beaches and easily find parking. You just need a regular driver license to rent out one and they’ll train you how to ride it if you’ve never ridden one before.

#4 Sunset Sailing: there are many water activities in Hawaii. From snorkeling to fishing to whale watching. But if you just want a nice relax evening, just cruising the water and enjoying a light snack and drink, sailing is a must do. Just relax and take in the sunset while sipping some champaign.

#3 Road to Hana & Hiking Trails: The road to Hana is a must travel road for many tourists that comes to Maui. While Hana itself is just a small local town with not much tourist activities, the road that takes you North and East of Maui has many scenic views and hiking trails for many adventurer.
if you’re looking for hiking trails in maui, the Pipiwai Trail was enjoyable and the bamboo forest takes you to a different world.

On the west side of the island the Iao Valley State Monument is a nice hike along the streams and have lots of wild guavas and mango trees.

#2 Luau Feast: You have to experience the Luau Feast while in Hawaii. They weren’t kidding when they say Feast. It is a full 5 course with 13 different dishes! The food was amazing and the show was even more awesome. A dinner experience you are sure to retell to everyone back at home.

#1 Exotic Fruit Farm Tour: There are a few fruit farm tours you can visit. But Ono Organic Farm is the only one that has private tour. They’re the only one on maui to have many tropical exotic fruits that you can pick off the trees and eat. Fruits such as: durian, sapote, soursop, sweetsop, wild mangosteen, cacaos, mangos, ect. You get to pack a whole box of fruits for you to eat for the rest of your stay on the island. We couldn’t even finish all of the fruits that were packed for us before we have to fly nack to the mainland.

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