Surf City – Huntington Beach, California

Surf City – Huntington Beach, California

I traveled to Huntington Beach, California, to explore the famous surf city. This was about 1hr 15 minutes drive North of San Diego (where I live).

Surf City, Huntington Beach is where most of the surf competitions take place. It is famous for its long stretched sandy beaches, which makes it a prime location for many surfers from all over to gather. The main downtown streets were marked with plaques of surf hall of famers and competition winners. Although I have never surfed before, I can tell that this place is a sacred place for many surf enthusiast.

The pier that stretched out to the water was not too long compared to other piers I’ve been on. But it is built from solid concrete and NOT from wood. The iconic Ruby’s restaurant that was on end of the pier had closed down. Not sure when or if they’ll be open again. Covid had taken out a lot of businesses during 2020 & 2021.

There were many activities you can take part in. You can rent bikes to bike down the large side walk path. Rent a surfboard to surf the long stretched waves. Rent fishing rods and tackles to go fishing. Or just chill on the beach, build sand castles and watch the amazing sunset. There’s even a small surf museum that you can check out, but too bad it was closed while we were there.

I am not a good swimmer, so I did not take a dip in the water. I was at Huntington beach to check out the scenery and watch the amazing sunset. There were plenty of bars and eateries in the downtown stretch. There were plenty of Hawaiian themed bars and restaurants. We looked through the recommendations and found a small Mediterranean take out restaurant that was very popular, Charlie’s Gyros. We opted in and it was decent. The price was not too expensive for the location that it is in.

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