Wine Tasting Experience in Wine Country Temecula, California – 2/2

Wine Tasting Experience in Wine Country Temecula, California – 2/2

This is my first wine tasting experience in Wine Country, Temecula, California. We stayed at the Carter Estate Winery and Resort; a sister resort of South Coast Winery and Resort.

We booked a package that included a hot air balloon ride, plus a one night stay for two, with a complimentary wine bottle. All for $499 plus taxes. It was an awesome deal!

We went for wine tasting at South Coast Winery and Resort. They have a wide variety of wines to choose from. A mix flight of wines is offered with a table coaster that labels what wine is what, along with the price per bottle. The atmosphere was relaxing and perfect for a day’s get away.

Temecula is a fast growing city, with many eateries that accompanied all of your cravings. We opted for a famous restaurant named The Goats and Vines. While the COVID mandate is still in effect, they served up awesome salads, pizzas, and drinks outside at the outdoor dinning covers. The pizzas were unique and have features fusion mix flavors.

Definitely coming back to Temecula for a quick weekend getaway soon!

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