ChefQ’s 20 Year Recipe

The First Few Weeks Of Being a Content Creator

So it has been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to update any blog posts. I am getting a taste of how this “content creator” and “blogger” life is like. I am so caught up in trying to create youtube content (shooting films and editing), that I can’t even find the time to write recipe and update my blog page. If you asks me how it’s like so far? It’s A LOT of work! Behind the scenes of those fun and joyful moments, is a lot of planning and setting up. It is not all fun and games like you would think. It’s a TOTALLY NEW JOB! But like all new begining of great things in life, it is a learning process. And I am glad I took on this new journey. I’ve only uploaded 3 videos so far, but the content is all over the place. I’ve gotten some good constructive feedbacks to how and what I should focus on. It will probably be some time till I narrow down my audience aim. I think the problem currently is planning and scripting out my content. Constructing an outline FIRST before going for the shoot, NOT going for the shoot and try to piece it together afterwards. Most of the time, your plan might not follow through so you have to find a backup plan immediately!

Another thing is, I need to get deep into my character, ChefQ. The thing about getting into character with ChefQ is, sometimes, I catch myself talking fobish in my normal daily life! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I am scared that my ChefQ fobish accent will follow me to my real world life. Forcing myself to have a split personality is going to take a toll on my mental state? I hope it’s a good mental state though.

What This New Content Creator Life Path Leads Me To?

As I move forward with this new project in life, I’ve also researched and read more books about self-improvement and positive thinking. It has helped me in a lot of situations. I have a new parodine to all the problems that arises, this helps me to calmly make right choices rather than act upon emotions. One thing I have been able to identify for the first time in my life, is my life’s purpose and goal. Never have I even think of my life’s purpose and goals. I would always think about HOW I can make a living, HOW I can make so much money, or HOW I can build a family, etc. Now, I can THINK bigger, and am able to BECOME bigger. I have to build value for my viewers, for them to even consider subscribing or follow ChefQ’s Channel. It’s not about ChefQ, it’s about what my target viewers want to see.

I remember visiting Vietnam when I was 14 years old. I get to go eat at a casual “restaurant” on the sidewalk of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I guess I looked older than my age because a kid came up behind me and called me “uncle”. He was barefooted, dressed in what WAS a white T-shirt that had stained so much, that it looked black. Shorts that were so ragged, I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He was about 8 years old. His younger sister behind him. I forget what she was wearing, but it wasn’t anything better than her older brother. He held out a stick of Peppermint Gum and begged me to buy it, “Uncle, uncle, please buy this gum. Please help me and my sister out. Buy this gum.” He said this while giving me a massage behind my back. My uncle and cousins tried to “shoosh” them away so that I can enjoy my food. I guess they are used to seeing this because they live there. I bought the gum from him and let him keep the change. At the age of 14, I didn’t think too deeply of it, I feel bad for not buying and at the same time, I wanted to enjoy my food. I don’t know why that scene played out in my head as I searched my mind for my life’s purpose. If I were super religious in any way, I might’ve even think that “Buddha” or “God” or some high and mighty entity might have given me the “insights” of my purpose. This will be a controversial issue based on religious differences. But after reading these few books about mindset and the power of the subconscious mind, my outlook is different in its entirety.

Now, at age 33, with life’s experience and new information gained, I have a different parodine. The scene of that kid selling a stick of gum to me plays an important part of how I decide my life’s goal, or ChefQ’s goal I should say. That kid was NOT a beggar. He SOLD me that gum. He made a choice NOT to become a beggar. He got the idea of trading goods for the value of money. There were plenty of beggars in Vietnam on that trip, but I did not give any money to them because I was scared a bunch more will come and I won’t have any money to give them. But leaning back to the kid’s story. I am amaze, now that I think about it, that with all the negative things going on in that kid’s life, he was able to make a good choice by trading goods and services for money, even though he might not have thought of it that way. If only there are opportunities that open up for that kid, maybe he would be better off. It is not a kid’s choice to be born into poverty. They just need an opportunity. How can I create an opportunity for homeless and starving kids like him in Vietnam? Then it hit me. Like a light that shines down upon me that made everything crystal clear; my life’s purpose.

ChefQ’s 20 Years Recipe (Goals & Mission)

Using ChefQ as the platform to create value for viewers that likes to see travel and food, my life goal will be to create ChefQ’s Feed The Children Foundation. Not only to feed the children food, but also to feed their mind. Help them to create a better life for themselves. “Teach them to fish, rather than give them the fish”. Well, in this case, I will give them the fish AND teach them to fish too!

  • I will travel to Vietnam (and soon to other countries as well), make contents on travel and food in the region or area.
  • Make food recipe videos.
  • Personally find and invite poor and homeless kids to eat at featured restaurants or make food and feed the homeless children and their family. (2x a month) Different area each month.
  • Set up an organization that teaches poor homeless kids english for free. By learning English, it open the kids up to a whole new level of information and skill set that they can access for themselves.
  • Search for volunteers and sponsorships from organizations.
  • Seek help from motivational speakers to help build kid’s mentality. This will be a big change in the way they see life. take out negative mentality.
  • Set up councilors and advisors to help guide the kids to a better life. This can be done via online now (thanks to COVID, opening a new path of communication and learning via internet)
  • Set up scholarships for those that seeks higher higher education.
  • ETC.

While it is a long way to even set up anything, I am glad I am able to find my life’s goal. I am not writing this to promote my channel, I am writing this and putting this out there in the world to hold myself accountable for my life’s mission. Though this 20 years might not be my whole life (hopefully I live past that), it would be a good milestone set for next generations to continue with my mission even after I am no longer here. One that I have already set in motion for generations to come.

This goal will help me get through the tough stuff and push through to achieve what I set out to do. The details are not yet there. I know I will need all the help I can get to make this possible. If anyone wants to join me for this life long mission, you are welcome to join! I am sure I will meet a lot of great people on this life long goal. I hope to make a difference in many homeless starving kids’ life. When an adult is homeless, THAT is their choice. No matter the circumstances, it is the choices they’ve made that lead them there. But children that were born into poverty, that is not their choice. I will commit to creating an environment of opportunities for kids to thrive. Starting out with my home country in Vietnam as my focus. After getting the support and team that is the foundation of ChefQ’s FCF (Feed the Children Foundation), I can expand to other neighboring countries with the same structure. This is ChefQ’s 20 Year Recipe.

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  1. Wow, so awesome boss. Very motivational, I will try to use this and inspire myself to do better. <3

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