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Learning a New Skill

Thanks everyone who have been supporting my blog website! It’s going to take about 50+ blog posts until I get enough traffic through my site. So bear with me while I squeeze out bits and pieces of what I can write about. Of course the topic will have to be something related to my niche; which is travel, food, and recipe. Nonetheless, I am also writing and recording my step by step journey through this new route I am taking. It is not so much as an “experiment” with my life, but a challenge. The challenge is: to be better than myself the day before; everyday.

I’ve got my eyes set on making a youtube channel that is in connection with this web blog. It is taking some time because I have to learn the ins and outs of what a successful youtube channel should be. Not that I am scared of failing, but because I want to be well prepared. As I dig deeper and start to have a vivid idea of what I want my channel to be, I noticed that I need to adapt and learn a lot of new skill set. I suppose everything comes with a price. If a little bit of ‘time, effort, and persistence’ is what it takes to get to my goal, then it’s a small price to pay. Though… the gears I personally want to get started on my youtube channel has an ACTUAL price tag that I’m more worried about.

What Camera and Gears For Making Youtube

After a couple weeks of scourging youtube to look for reviews and comparisons of what camera and gears I should use. I’ve come to identify the gears I will be needing. I am sure there will be more gears that I will add on the more I dive deeper into making a youtube channel. This list is for any new youtube vlogger that is having a hard time figuring out what the best gears with a decent price tag that they should buy. I’ve done the research for you these past few weeks, so you don’t have to. 🙂

I will update the list as I go on when needed. This will be a short post. More to be continue when I put the gears into good use!

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