Quick Original Mì Quảng Recipe! 

Quick Original Mì Quảng Recipe! 

Mi Quang is a vietnamese noodle soup dish that is quite popular in vietnam. This street food noodle soup originated in mid region of Vietnam.

While there are many variation of this mi quang recipe using all kinds of different meat and seafood. The original consists of pork and shrimp.

The broth base consists of pork ribs, coconut water, and dried shrimp, along with tumeric, parika, and Vietnamese seasonings. This soup is serve with flat wide rice noodles that are dyed yellow with turmeric. The toppings is what brings out this noodle soup over the top.

Topped off with braised pork belly, shrimp, peanuts, rice crackers, bean sprouts, lettuce, and banana flower shred. There’s always a touch of lime and chili for some extra zing for those adventurer.

Longer detail recipe at my recipe website:

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