Where To Find The Best Poke In Maui, Hawaii?!

Where To Find The Best Poke In Maui, Hawaii?!

Where to find the best poke in Maui, Hawaii?

The fact is, Hawaii is not a cheap place.
Many places are tourist traps and you can’t help but feel ripped off some of the time you are there.

Finding a good poke place with fresh Ahi Tuna is not that hard while you are on any of Hawaii’s island.

Don’t get caught up in tourist trap poke shops that you happen to search up on yelp or google.

You’ll end up overpaying for the same exact poke you can get at the supermarket!
They charge an arm and a leg for basically the same poke you can get at the supermarkets.

When you compare taste and freshness, there’s not really a big difference between all the places.
You can’t really go wrong getting poke anywhere in Hawaii.

There’s a couple things you DO have to look for. That is the prices, and variety.

Foodland Farms supermarket is probably THE BEST place to go for poke when you are in Hawaii. On any island…

You get the best price and so many variety to choose from!

The supermarket in Hawaii have a lot of ready to eat hot food also.
This is where you can find the best cheap eats in Hawaii.

We go there to pick up a quick, easy, and cheap hot food.
Spam musubi, rice and eggs boxes, and portuguese sausages are the go to.

If you are planning to go on the Road To Hana while in Maui, I recommend stopping by the supermarket before you head out and pick up some ready to eat food. Trust me, you’ll need it.

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