San Francisco Travel Guide – Chinatown’s Surviving Restaurant During The Pandemic

San Francisco Travel Guide – Chinatown’s Surviving Restaurant During The Pandemic

San Francisco is a must visit for anyone traveling across country. It is one of the jewel of California, and a historic landmark in American history.

Aside from the many modern and old architect, which blended together uniquely, the city also preserve parts of its city to big parks. One of the big and famous park is the Golden Gate Park. There are many things to see and do in this park. We wanted to experience all that there is at this park, but our stay in the Bay Area is not long enough to seek out all the activities.

At the Golden Gate Park, we took a tour of the Conservatory of Flowers. This place was magical. The tropical zones that this green house display was breath taking. Every corner of the place gives us new “oooos” and “aaaaas”. It was spectacular.

Not too far away from this park, was San Francisco’s famous Chinatown. You can’t miss out on this place when you visit the Bay Area.

For many Chinese Americans, it is where most of Chinese immigrants started to a mass during the gold rush and the railroad industrial age.

San Francisco Chinatown is one of the oldest chinatown in America. With its old history and tradition, you can surely find some of the best chinese food.

Because of the Pandemic, what used to be a busy, hustling street of San Francisco’s Chinatown, was now pretty empty. There are barely any tourists, and many of the shops have closed down. The ones that are still left standing, are the ones that have strong reputation.

One of the surviving restaurant is House of Nanking. It is located right across from the famous green building American Zoetrope. This restaurant has been open for 33 years, and they look to continue their business through all the tough changes. This restaurant used to be very busy, with lines waiting out the door every single day at every single hour.

We were lucky to stumble upon it while we explore San Francisco Chinatown. It is the first time we ever experience a unique chinese “up to the chef” course meal. It was unique and tasty experience. It’s definitely a must try restaurant when you are in the San Francisco area.

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