San Diego Convoy Street – Asian Food District

San Diego Convoy Street – Asian Food District

San Diego Convoy Street is the go to spot for asian food. It is one of San Diego’s popular spot to find your Asian food fixing. There are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, some Thai, and Vietnamese restaurants and dessert places all on this street. You can find some hidden gems in San Diego on Convoy Street.

When I have a hard time figuring out what asian food to eat, I normally cruise up and down this street until I find one that calls out my name. Quite a few Korean BBQ place on this road and the adjacent roads.

Today I meet up with a few friends to eat traditional Korean food. Some Spicy Galbi Jjimm at Woomiok on Convoy Street. Galbi Jjimms are spicy, succulent, tender beef short ribs that is one of Korean’s popular dish. We also tried their seafood pancakes.

For dessert, we went for soft serve ice cream at Somisomi. These Korean/Japanese soft served comes with unique flavors like ube, green tea, milk, and strawberry. You can get a freshly made fish shape cone that are stuffed with fillings such as egg custard or red beans. Super creamy and delicious!

Afterwards we went for milk tea at Tan-Cha. My go to tea here is their Osmanthus Tea with Cheese Foam. They also make fluffy pancakes with different toppings. Only available after 5pm though.

Convoy Street is San Diego’s Asian Food District. It’s a one stop street to get all your awesome Asian food, desserts, and milk tea!

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