How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice – Whole Salmon Omakase

How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice – Whole Salmon Omakase

As a sushi chef with 17 years of sushi experience, 5 years of which I owned and ran a sushi restaurant. It would only be necessary for me to make a video on how to make the perfect sushi rice.

Sushi is an art, and Japanese cuisine as a whole is such an exquisite craft. Although I am of Vietnamese ethnicity, I love Japanese food and culture. I dedicated 17 years of my life in pursuing the craft of sushi making. If it weren’t because of Covid, I think my path as a sushi chef, would still be lingering at the sushi bar.

But I am glad I am able to share both my world (Vietnamese food and Japanese food) with all the people around the world via youtube!

In this “How To Video” I will show you my method of making the perfect sushi rice. Sushi rice is the most important part to master for any sushi chef. How to turn that sushi rice into an art is up to you! The more you work with it, the more the sushi craft will bring out your expertise.

Also included in this video is how I prepare a whole salmon for sushi. Additionally a recipe on how to make sushi soy sauce. And a bonus recipe for spicy salmon.

The whole salmon omakase course (up to the chef) is all based on using salmon to create different unique dishes. It was fun and quite an experience for my cousin and her husband 🙂

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