Portland, Oregon: Hand Pulled Noodles From Food Cart! & Must See Rose Garden in Portland Oregon!

Portland, Oregon: Hand Pulled Noodles From Food Cart! & Must See Rose Garden in Portland Oregon!

“Keep Portland Weird” is the catch phrase for this city. What I noticed while here for a few days, is that NO ONE carries an umbrella! Rain is just part of their daily life. People just go running in the rain like it’s another day. Anyone that carries an umbrella or wears a raincoat, are easily identified as foreigners. We went to walmart and asks them where we can find a raincoat. The employee didn’t know what we meant by “raincoat”! Portland is INDEED. VERY. WEIRD.

From the many bridges and rustic/vintage look, Portland is surely unique in its own right. The feeling is calm, chill, with a little bit of depress (from seeing the many homeless in Downtown Portland).

October sure is a starting to look damp for the city already. Though, this year the autumn fall foliage took it’s time to turn color. I came to Portland mid October, expecting to see the many leaf foliage, but unfortunately it still haven’t rippen up yet. As a San Diegan, we ponder what the four season really look and feels like (not to be an ass about our great weather btw) LOL.

Put that aside, I noticed that there are many food carts and and food trucks around in portland! Many which are onsite and stationary. Whatever the case, most of these carts serves up awesome food for a bargain price! One of the food truck that I tried out, is “Stretch The Noodles” in Downtown Portland. I was surprise that they can actually perform the tasks of hand pulling the noodles in that tiny kitchen space! Oh, did I mention the person that is doing the pulling is a woman? Not that I have anything against it, but I am just amazed at how strong she is! I’d be sore just mixing the dough! LOL If you happen to be in Downtown Portland, make sure you check this place out!

Portland is also where the FIRST Voodoo Doughnut shop opened up. If you are into doughnuts, Voodoo Doughnut is famous. Well, at least where I am from that is, I am not sure about the other states X). For anyone with a sweet tooth cravings, this is where you get your treats!

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