What to See and Where to Eat in San Diego! Episode 1 pt 1 La Jolla Cove

What to See and Where to Eat in San Diego! Episode 1 pt 1 La Jolla Cove

Hi guys! Welcome to ChefQs Trave Recipe! This will be my first video as ChefQ. My first step into the Youtube content maker world.

This is still very brand new to me. I am still learning the process and ways to make my video better! My on camera act still needs a lot of work, but it is only a matter of time till I get use to this new life style.

You can read more about how I decided to start my journey with Food Travel Blogging at my website: ChefQsTravelRecipe.com.

In THIS video, I will be introducing you to ChefQ, and starting off this channel in San Diego, California (my hometown). La Jolla Cove is a must see destination for all who visits San Diego. We will show off the many scenery in San Diego as well as the many Eateries! Himitsu Sushi in La Jolla Cove, San Diego is a gem for this location.

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Also, here is a life changing video clip that got me on this new life changing road. I hope it will be a change in someone’s life as well!

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