Where Should You Travel Post Covid-19?

Post COVID-19 Travel

After months of quarantine and social distancing, one’s appetite for travel is at its peak. There is only so much TV and social media one can consume until boredom strikes, and the heart longs to be on an otherworldly adventure. Travel ban within the United States have eased off, and there are plenty of travelers using this pandemic “unemployment” time off to take cross state trips to visit families or just to escape from “house arrest”.

What about those travelers that had planned for international trips? Many have had to cancel or put off their travel until COVID-19 is under control and probably until a vaccine is developed. With the United States’ pandemic condition not under control, other countries have adopted restrictions to stop United States’ travelers from entering their country. Some country requires a quarantine for at least 14 days upon entering the country; that’s pretty much your whole “vacation” time.

Best Place to Travel International (ASIA)

Lets day dream a little bit and plan out where we would travel internationally once COVID-19 is defeated! Where would you want to travel? What food do you want to eat? What kind of weather do you expect? Can you feel the sand between your toes already?

Here are a few destinations you might consider packing your bags for! These exotic, enticing destinations beg for our attention and offer us a place of solace and excitement- a much-needed break from what we have grown accustomed to experiencing during quarantine. 

Get those bags ready and scratch off a few days on your calendar. Once the COVID pandemic is over, catch a ride to either of these three popular international travel destinations for a fabulous (and safe) vacation. Take advantage of the post pandemic specials. Many country whose main revenue is tourism is hungry for tourists. You may find international airlines much more affordable because their country is desperate for travelers to come spend money in their economy. Book your flights, book your tours, and plan for a post pandemic getaway before you go crazy while stuck at home!


What Makes Thailand the Perfect Travel Destination

The country of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. A beautiful travel destination full of culture, tranquility, and ancient beauty. Temples are scattered all around, accompanied by palm trees and an ambiance of spirituality. Thailand is among the best international travel, known for their awesome street food, tropical scenery, affordable stays, and friendly atmosphere.

Thailand Tourism

Thailand is one of the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia. Their country’s tourism attracts millions of tourists each year! One of the reason Thailand came out on top of most Southeast Asian country is because of the country’s tourism industry. If you had to pick only a handful of country to travel within your lifetime, Thailand should definitely be on your list!

Bangkok, the capitol Thailand is a must visit if you decided to book your travel there. It is a city life atmosphere, with many things to do, see, taste, and enjoy. After exploring Bangkok’s city life, you can relax and recover by experiencing Thai Massage, which you can find at almost every corner of the city. Though, I recommend checking out google reviews before heading there.

Phuket, Thailand is one of the tourist destination you also MUST visit while in Thailand. Located in the country’s peninsula, Phuket provides its visitors with plenty of white sandy beaches, clear blue water, island hopping tours, and seafood to stuff your face. There is Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, and many other islands and caves to explore while in Phuket. You can book tours and check out other hot spots HERE.


Vietnam is a country who’s in a prime location in Southeast Asia. The Eastern border of Vietnam is nothing but seaside! The country switched their focus to tourism in the recent years after learning from its neighboring country the rich benefits of catering to international tourists. When traveling to Vietnam, it is best to forecast the seasonal weather depending on the regions you want to explore. Northern Vietnam climate is different than that of Central and Southern parts of the country. I would recommend the months of December-March as the best months to visit. The tropical climate weather in Vietnam can take the fun out of your visit if you don’t plan accordingly.

What Makes Vietnam the Perfect Travel Destination

Ho Chi Minh City, or otherwise best known as Saigon, the name of the city prior to the Vietnam War. Many people from Mid and Southern Vietnam still refer to it as Saigon in modern days. Easily one of the largest and most populated city in Vietnam is home to many Vietnamese from different regions (North, Central, and South). Hence it is easy to find authentic food dishes from different regions in Vietnam all packed in ONE city. You don’t need to travel from North to South just to experience the different food cultures. You can taste the many different Vietnamese cuisine in which many famous award winning chefs try to replicate. Pho is known worldwide for a reason. If you are a foodie, you don’t want to miss Vietnam as a travel destination.

Aside from the great food, you can experience the tropical agricultural of Vietnam by exploring its countryside. Vast rice fields and mountainous background creates a scenery many photographers travel to for the perfect shot. Hue, Hoi An, and other traditional, ancient vibe cities are a few you should definitely visit to learn about Vietnam’s rich culture.

Rather soak yourself in the white sandy beaches instead? Nha Trang, Da Nang, and many other coastal cities you can visit to enjoy the many seaside activities. Ha Long Bay is one of the few “world wonders” that you must experience at least once in your lifetime! Seafood in the country is abundant. So make sure to get your hands and face dirty by indulging in a seafood feast while you are there!


What Makes Japan the Perfect Travel Destination

I am sure Japan is on many people’s travel bucket list. By all rights it should be so. Japan, an island country who is best known for many different things. From it’s food, tranquil scenery, safe environment, clean atmosphere, traditional cultures, and the lists of great accomplishments goes on.

Compared to other Asian country, Japan might not be the cheapest, but it is within its own right to be so. Their railroad system is among the most advance and well structured in the whole world! You can literally travel anywhere in the city/country using just the railway. It’s culture and way of life help kept the country sparkling clean! While it is hard to find any trash can in Japan to dispose of your pocket trashes, the country’s clean ethics kept it spotless.

Which City to visit in Japan

It’s hard to pick out just one place to visit in Japan. There are no wrong choices to make when deciding what city you want to explore when in Japan. You might think that a large, industrialize city like Tokyo is crowded and noisy, but it is rather quite, well organized, and super clean! If you wish to join the crowd and be part of the hustle of the large city life, there are different districts in Tokyo that you can visit to experience that lifestyle. But if you wish to enjoy a peaceful walk through the shrines and temples, dine at quite local restaurants, and experience relaxation at a hot spa, you can still do all that within Tokyo.

We stayed in Tokyo for almost 2 weeks and there are a lot we haven’t had the chance to do. There are so much good food there! I don’t have to tell you about the sushi. I am sure you are aware and well informed about their nation’s food logo. When you think of sushi, only Japan comes to mind. But besides sushi, they are famous for a lot of other different food. such as : Kobe/wagyu beef, Fugu (poisonous puffer fish), expensive superb quality fruits, bright deep orange eggs, and a whole lot more for you to experience yourself while in Japan.

If you must know, here is a list of city/region that you should consider when visiting Japan:

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Yokohama
  • Nagoya
  • Kobe
  • Sapporo etc.

Each region has its own specialty. I won’t be able to go through it all in this post, but definitely do your research on which city is best suited for you to visit depending on your mode or preference. The month of March-April is probably the most crowded because of the cherry blossoms festival. During this time, you can see white and pink cherry blossoms all over Japan. It is a serene sight to see and experience. But keep in mind that because of the mass tourists attraction during this time, prices of hotel stays as well as flights are more expensive. Not to mention the long line you probably have to queue when choosing a place to eat or shop. Though I wouldn’t mind it if I get the chance to experience Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

While on your travel to Japan, make sure you learn all the rules so you can be courteous of their culture. No tips, right of way, bows, recycle/trash rules, etc.

Book Your Travel NOW

It is understandable that many Americans are not in the best situation to make their travel plans. “This too will pass.” Like all other tragic events in the pasts. Be positive. I am sure all will align and things will be even greater and grander than it was prior to the pandemic.

If you are able to and can travel right after the pandemic, DO IT! Choose your location, plan your trip, book your flights, hotels, tours, etc. Explore the world and be RELIEF from “house arrest”. Many think of a vacation as an expense, that it is something that you don’t gain positive “earnings”. I think of it as an INVESTMENT, an investment in myself that will improve my mental and physical health. You need to re-energize and relax yourself once in a while to build strength and momentum to keep you working at your peak performance. Enjoy life as it comes. Enjoy the fruits of your labor once in a while. You never know what new things you can learn while enjoying as compared to working.

Make sure to book tours!

Click to see ChefQ’s recommended tours for the places mentioned above!

Safe travel everyone!

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