How to Find Your Niche

There has been a lot of trials and errors, but much improvements have been made for sure! I struggled to find a niche that I want to be in, much like most people that have taken blogging or youtube into action.

What’s My Niche?

I THINK I’ve got my niche down. But who knows, I can have more idea and start to narrow down my pacific niche.

Originally, I was making this blog page to be about my journey on HOW I will become financial free. I think I was too focus on how I can make money on the website, rather than focus on my niche and what I REALLY wanted to do in life. This blog page was originally named “” because I was told that the best niche were review blogs. I was too focus on what others wanted but didn’t focus on what kind of person I am and what I am good and/or experience at (being a chef).

I will make my blog and my youtube channel to be about traveling as a chef! I know there’s a lot of youtuber and vlogers that travels and focuses on food. But for my niche, on my Youtube Channel, I will focus on being a chef, traveling to eat local and different food, going to local markets to buy ingredients to cook and replicate the dish. That way, my subscribers can recreate the dish that I ate during my travel and can taste what I’ve tasted. I will also recommend certain substitution ingredients if I know certain ingredients is not available in the USA. To make it fun and enjoyable, I will split myself into 2 people. The first being “Donny”, which will be the well English spoken guide that will be giving the intro and give facts and reviews. The second being “ChefQ”, which will be the broken English, vietnamese accent, chef that will be doing the cooking instruction as well as other funny clips and “chefQ” vietnamese word of the day. Also, recommending places to visit and must eats while there. I renamed this website to “”, August 29, 2020.

The Best Way to Finding Your Own Niche

Starting Line

I think the BEST way to figuring out what niche you want to start or be in is just to START. I probably changed my niche focus a few times before I figured it out. Just start a blog, start a youtube channel, start something! It doesn’t matter what you want your niche to be right now because chances are, you won’t get much traffic in the first few months that you start doing this. By starting, it’ll give you more ideas, gain more experience, and be more comfortable doing something new out of your comfort zone. You’ll find your niche, trust me. Though, I dread you NOT to just sit in front of a computer or shut yourself in a room to think what niche you should be in. Go out, talk to people, asks for suggestions, get ideas, write it down in your notebook. It might not be an idea that a friend or family suggest to you, but it might be BECAUSE of what they suggest for you, that clicked your mind to come up with something you think might work.

I recommend to all the people that are new to this process to consider your past jobs, career, experiences etc. to pick out your niche. If you pick a niche that don’t interests you or that you don’t have a lot of experience on, you will spend a lot more time trying to educate yourself on your new niche as well as trying to learn about hardware, softwares, widgets, and other stuff you need to learn to get going as well. It’s ok to start over since you are new and fresh. When you do things that fits you better, you will do a far better job than trying to fit into a shoe that is too small for you to be comfortable in.

When Should I start Blog and youtube

My writing and grammar is terrible! But you know what? It’s STARTING that counts. Don’t wait for you to be a good writer or to be perfect at grammar. As long as the point you want to get across is received and understood. I am sure I will be a way better writer and my grammar will improve as well in the later years.

Youtube is pretty hard too! I am trying to look up reviews and comparison videos on what gear to use, but there are just so many. Not to mention it’s expensive! (I will update on what gears I’ve chosen and how much it costs me in another blog after I’ve made my purchase.) I read and watched videos on what a youtube video needs to attract viewers and subscribers. You don’t have to be a “pro” youtuber or wait till you get all the gears in. Me, I started just by using my Iphone and just record. Just start recording and you’ll get more use to the camera and act more naturally. The only way of getting over your “on camera fear”, is to just DO IT! I admit that my first video was not perfect, actually, it was terrible! I had to spent a lot of time trying to piece together the content that would flow better, because my original video subjects were all over the place! But I did do it, and I will only get better at it as time goes on. It’s a lot to take in and absorb, not to mention the website building for the blog page that I have to work on too!

I activated my old youtube channel which I had a few videos on it since 7 years prior. I was going to start a new channel, but since I already have 135 subscribers, it was awesome that they let me transfer everything over to my new channel. You have to make a new channel with the same google account you used to made the original youtube account to transfer your stuff over.

Putting on hold

As I am finishing this post, I got news that a close family member of mine had passed away. Though we were expecting the bad news, it still came as a shock to hear it. I had set up a plan to follow through with finishing up a few more blog posts as well as other objectives I have set up for myself for the week/month. I write this to let others know that there will always be things that might come to you unexpectedly, but “expect the unexpected”. Whatever you have planned, can be reroute and reschedule towards obtaining the same initial goal you have set out to accomplish. Always look for positive ways to keep up your focused mindset.

I will be back on track next week! Good luck to all! 🙂

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