A new path drawn out: August 10th – 20th, 2020 (Today)

It was only 10 days ago that I stumbled upon an Ad video that changed everything. It motivated me to totally change myself. How I think, how I write, how I interact, etc. My mindset is different. But it wasn’t just because of one video, it was the steps and lessons I learned after, that changed me. I can totally see my goal within reach… financial freedom. Jeff Lerner was in that video.

After my years in business, and experiencing some network marketing pyramid schemes first hand, I would say that I am bulletproof when it comes to scammers and liars. I’ve seen tons of different videos and met lots of people trying to influence me, only to dig my pocket. But Jeff Lerner was different. Though it was through online video, he spoke with so much energy and sincerity, that I can feel it through my computer screen. It was a different kind of energy, it was like a new path that opened up to me, and I followed through with the instruction of the video. Whatever strategy he used, he sure did capture me, and I happily paid $39 to listen more.

Investment in MYSELF

It was his effort in putting all these videos and his way with words that I felt $39 was worth it. It’s like a tip to our waiter after our nice dinner out with my wife, but this time, its knowledge, which won’t digest out of me … you know what.. later. It’s knowledge that I can keep and pass on for as long as I live. After I paid the $39, I got to listen to Jeff introduce his product, ENTRE. An online course that will guide entrepreneurs step by step to how Jeff made his millions. Not just one step, but 3 road maps on how HE made his millions within a span of 10 years. It is NOT a get rich quick formula. It is simple knowledge and exact steps to build online business, the fastest, easiest, and secure way of earning money.

I was hooked. He offered another link (funnel) in which I pay $175 to join the ENTRE Elite group, which lets me join webinar training and tips once a week to connect with like minded peers and it is run by Jeff himself. I’ve never seen an owner of a group putting himself in the front line as much as him. Usually once they hook you in already, they leave it up for their minions to do the work. But Jeff is very passionate about his work and he believes. So much that his energy to believe passes on to all who he speaks to. I paid that $175, checking the balance in my bank account to make sure I have enough to cover the cost. It processed through.

The Method of How to Hustle

Jeff then sent me ANOTHER offer… I forget the price, but I didn’t even bother to look because I was determined that whatever the offer, I was going to decline. I declined, to which another offered to cut that price in half! Which turns a blind eye again to decline. If Jeff had sent me an offer after that, I would’ve picked up the phone to call ENTRE to refund my money (Jeff offers full refund).

“ENTRE” method of automation is pretty interesting, for every step I take and finish, they would follow up with an automated email, rooting, cheering, and commending you for going thus far. It’s one of the way that they will teach you, the method of how to hustle via online automation. It kind of gets a bit overwhelming later on, but I guess it works since it did work on me. after your $39 and $175 fees, you get to go through this course to set yourself up for the real game. It’s a course to change your “physical, personal, and professional” lifestyle. I think it did wonders for me, it set me at a different mindset. To accomplish a goal, having the right mindset will have already accomplished 80% of your goal. I was also set up with an “advisor” and set up a time to do the personal one on one calling.

ENTRE Advisors

My advisor is Cole Cluster. The first call is just to connect, and know what my goal is and why I want to become a part of ENTRE. I told my story… financial freedom… no time… sushi chef… business owner.. blah blah blah. We ended a call with him giving me 3 tasks, 1. Finish watch jeffs video course 2. Text him everyday to let him know I’m still alive and interested 3. Audio book link to Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant, a book about business . I followed his instructions with promptness and eagerness. Scheduled the 2nd follow up a few days later for when I finish the video courses.

During that time, I listened in on Robert Kiyosaki audiobook. I haven’t touched or read a book since high school! I guess listening to one isn’t that bad, I actually didn’t fall asleep. It was an 8+ hour audiobook. I finished listening in 2 days, listening to it with deep concentration while taking a walk or driving in the car or just cooking in the kitchen. I then searched for more business focus books on youtube for audiobooks. Right now it is “Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill”, 10+ hours. I’ve learned so much! I gained so much knowledge about the mentality of becoming a successful entrepreneur. They showed me steps on building my physical and mental health to take on the tasks that I am about to do. I recommend reading or listening to those books, it’s the start in changing yourself to become better.

One week ago, I was waking up at 11am, half a day already wasted and nothing done. I was playing mobile games to pass time, and strolling through people’s instagram and doing other tasks that don’t help myself. All my life, I’ve been wasting a lot of time helping to do other people’s tasks, work hard just to pay other people, but never for myself. I need to convert MY time to improving MYSELF before I can avert any attention to help other people.

How ENTRE Changed Me

Now, I wake up at 5:30 am, it was difficult the first 2 days, but now, my system knows when to wake up now so it wakes up by itself even before the alarm. I have more time to do what I need to do. I seperate my tasks in 3 quadrants and got myself a whiteboard to manage my schedule properly. Morning, afternoon, and evenings. I enjoy listening to financial guidance and self improvement books now. Any book that will help me become better and make a better life. Those who do and those who wait.

Is ENTRE Worth The Price?

After finishing the courses set and accomplishing the task given to me by Cole, my advisor. There was a choice I had to make at the end of that first course. A price tag of $3997 was at the end of it if I want to continue on. There was a ticker which gave me 48 hour to decide before the price went up, but I doubt that’s the case. It’s probably one of those marketing strategies put in place to rush you to make a decision so they can follow up.

I didn’t have that much in my account. After seeing much change in my mental and physical self, I was going to go forward even if it’ll cost me $10k. Like Jeff mentioned, if the knowledge he passes on were free, no one would value it enough to actually follow through with it. It has to be an amount that people have much to lose if they don’t pull through with it.


It is human nature that they are willing to go the extra length NOT to lose something, rather than going the extra length to gain something. Cole contacted me on schedule and I realized what his real work was, he was the person to finalize the sale.

Not my advisor because he really didn’t advise me to do anything, except just listen to what I had to complain about and move on with his assigned questions and task. I bluntly told him I don’t have $3997, and that the funding from escrow probably won’t go through for another few weeks. He asked me if I had any credit card. I knew what he really wanted now. His goal wasn’t to really help me, but to make sure he finalized the sale. Either way, I was in it to win it.

I’ve witnessed the change in myself and my desire to succeed is too great to give up on. I asked for a payment plan, and to which he happily agreed to split it into 3 months; $1333 per month. He then asks if I wanted follow up calls. I requested for every 2 weeks, to make my money’s worth by making him check up on me if I am still alive and well.

Using what I am learning on the “ENTRE” course, I will be integrating it to my business plan. I will build my brand shopify store while using the information I learn from ENTRE. One step at a time!



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  1. Just leaving this comment to let you know I read it, I love it, and I’m rooting for you!

    I went through and am probably STILL going through a few of the elements that you have experienced in this blog post. We are kindred spirits brother. I will find a way to connect with you soon!

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