3 Ways on How To Make Money

There are limitless ways to make money. But how come when one is in need of it, there seems to be no way of getting it? Simple, are you trading something for it? Depending on how you go about it, money can be attainable by trading 2 things: your product, and/or your services.

Product and Services

Trading up your life for the banks.

No matter how you see it, money is transferred whenever there’s a product and/or services that is involved. For example, PRODUCTS you pay for: clothes, computer, food, phone, car, house, etc. Examples of SERVICES you pay for: phone lines, internet, netflix, etc. Some even label themselves as both product AND services: gas and electric companies, pool cleaning companies, landscaping companies, construction companies, etc. While both Product and Services probably need some sorts of capital or investments to START making money, you can narrow it down to specifics: Product requires physical and touchable item to sell (as well as time for you to make the item available to sell). Services only requires your knowledge, specialized capability, and your time. A lot of big companies that makes big big money focuses on building a system that employs people to provide the “services” needed to operate a physical operation to make a “product” to sell. Of course an operation like that would require large capital and investments. Which I’m sure those that reads this page just wants to know how to make money from nothing. I would advise you, everything comes with a price tag. It might not be physical money, but might come in a different form of payment, such as time and labor.

Before You Start

You have to START to make a change!

Before you start anything, there are a few steps in setting you up for success. These steps are essential in building up your mental health to begin your journey to wealth. All those that have succeeded in past AND present have these 3 quality attributes to reach their end goal.

Positive mindset

Having the right mindset is the utmost important in anything you do. Without it, nothing good will follow through. You can have the right mindset by being more positive, thinking more positive, and surrounding yourself with positive and like minded people. There’s a saying, “you are who you hang out with,” proves to be true. If you want to be successful, hang out with successful people. And with the internet age, that is within reach! Join online social groups that have people just like you who are looking for a new way of life, who are thirsty for success, and who can add positive inspiration to fuel you and keep you going. Also, you can get a lot of help and personal tips through online social media groups like facebook. Join our Facebook Group to ask for help and boost your self-esteem.


Being persistence is easier said than done. You have to learn NEVER to give up when chasing your dream. The only stories you hear of great people, are those that never gave up. The ones that did gave up… hence you don’t know. Keep a positive mindset. Don’t think failure as failing. Think failure as your SUCCESS in recognizing what did NOT work. Recapping what I’ve read from the book “Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill,” Thoma Edison, one of America’s greatest inventor and businessman, when asked “Mr. Edison you have failed 10,000 times. When are you going to quit.?” Edison replied, “I haven’t failed 10,000 times, I know 10,000 things that don’t work. Something will work and I will find it.” It took nearly 50,000 experiments and 10 years to make a practical alkaline battery. Edison sets himself apart from others due to his persistence to achieve success.

Prompt Decision Making

One of the many factor in setting yourself up for success is quick decision making. This is not to be confused with diving in without doing any research or understanding. Prompt decision making involves making a decision once you have been given all facts. Know the difference between opinions and facts. Don’t let opportunity pass when it is right in front of you. Prompt but sure decision making. Be firm, but also keep an ear out for other people’s advices. Especially people with specialized knowledge and understanding of certain decision making choices.

3 Ways to Make Money 2020

Before you try any of these suggested ways to make money. I would advise you to stimulate your mind by reading a few books that will help you with the right mindset to start this journey. This is not a get rich quick way. These are ways that teaches you to earn money as a stable income and to earn assets you don’t even know existed. But you really need to set yourself up to gain the 3 attributes mentioned above to achieve your desired goal. Here are a few books to read to set yourself up for success:

1. Online Affiliate Marketing

This is probably a new term and line of work that you have never heard of if you have never step foot in the “make money online” world. What is it? It is basically, you selling a “service” to other businesses. Your main job is to get people that are searching online into a certain online business so they can buy their product or services. 80% of all online businesses have Affiliate Programs that you sign up for (most are free to sign up). The great thing about being an online Affiliate is that you don’t have to create any product to sell or create promotions or ads to try to sell that product. The product and name is already there. The company providing the product will do all the logistic work and customer services. You just need to try and get people into their store by getting them to click on “website links” which the company themselves will provide for you. Why do you think many youtube bloggers and instagram stars make so much money? Besides all the ads that they might get pay for on their page, their main income stream comes from promoting some sort of product with a link (sell link) to their 100k-millions followers. If only 1% happen to buy the product, and to make it fair they earn $1 each sale (most likely they earn much more), to do the math:

  • 1% of 100k = 1,000 x $1= $1,000
  • 1% of 1 million = 100k x $1 = $100k

If you are already a popular Instagram star or Youtuber, congrats! You don’t have to read on anymore on how to make money. But for the rest of us, we only have less than 80 friends on our social media page, and 0 youtube videos. So how do you go about fixing this? Learn here!

2. Youtube

As explained above, you can see the potential earnings for Youtubers. But their money doesn’t come easy. Social media stars don’t become stars over night. Maybe in a stroke of luck that they might go viral and instant fame hits them so hard, they probably don’t even know how they can gain knowledge in making money off of their momentarily fame. Many of you reading this probably said it would be impossible for you to be on video, let alone youtube video. Like I said, money doesn’t come free. If you are camera shy or an introvert, work yourself around it. It doesn’t really cost you anything. There are books, videos, youtube videos, google, etc. to help you overcome your fear and help you express. There’s also a lot of behind the scene stuff you need to learn as well, such as camera set up, the type of equipments, editing, scripts, content, etc. But all those can be learnt and are attainable. Youtubers make money by the amount of subscribers they have, as mentioned on the method above. But how to gain those subscribers and what you do with them is connected to affiliate marketing and branding. This blog is just to tell you what are the ways that earn money. The HOW TO EARN MONEY is what you need to learn. Subscribe your Email to get the ONE video that changed my life forever!

3. Blogs

There are too many bloggers and you are thinking that the blog writing niche is too saturated to get into? You don’t even need to be a good writer to earn money writing blogs. No one actually “pays” you to get to read your blogs. The main key to making money on blogs is TRAFFIC. Finding the right keywords that people search for on google. Knowing the right niche to get into, and from that, you’ll have to learn the tricks and steps to making money flow into your bank! But before you get ahead of yourself, put in your mind, that NOTHING is free. Especially KNOWLEDGE. People can educate you only to leave you to do your own work. Nothing is handed to you for free. I can give you the resources and point you to where you can get the information you need, but how you approach it is up to you.

The Next Step to Changing Your Life

There are countless ways to make money. But most of them requires large capital, meaning large investments or money to start something. The best investment for people that don’t have much to invest is to invest in yourself. Invest in the knowledge of specific trade or specialize skill set to get you what you want. If you can get the knowledge you need to make money, there’s unlimited potential to how much you can make! “Knowledge is power,” as the famous quote goes, but no, knowledge is “POTENTIAL” power my friend. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but you don’t put it to good use, then it is as useless as you now knowing anything. I want to share with you the power of knowledge that you can learn to make money, BUT you must act upon it. There is no point in knowing and putting it in the closet. Make prompt decisions and don’t let negative people around you discourage you from making the first step to improve your life and the lives of the people you love. Take ACTION HERE! You can do it! It changed my life. I’m sure with the right mindset, persistence, and prompt decision making skills, you’ll be in good hands. When you DO make it, please let me know so I can cheer with you! Make sure to leave your name and email on the way out to follow my blog! Best of luck!

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