Tibetan Bread | Travel With Kunal | Darjeeling Kunal Kapur recipe

Tibetan Bread | Travel With Kunal | Darjeeling Kunal Kapur recipe

Tibet has many breads to offer. This recipe is a flat, unfermented bread which is rolled in sugar and deep fried.
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  1. This bread is tibetan version of Puri adapted after Tibetans came to India. (originally in tibet we don't eat bread like that pre 1949s). One can do with only 2 slits on the bread. The slits are made to take the bread out using a chop stick & drain the excess oil. Just saying!

  2. Good job sab se achi baat yeh hai hum us jaga ke khane dekhne mil rahe hain jo kabhi kisi chanel par nahi dikhate only metropolitan city ke batate hain.india main kitna kuch hai.

  3. Ahahahaha… My dream food… why did mummy not know about this when I was 12 & loved this kind of food & loved it? Nowyou tellme, when I can only look at it… But I will make it & have it… Life without eating what you like is a life wasted…

  4. This is called also called numtak bhaley. Num=oil. Tak=fry (here deep frying). Here T sound is like ta in tamatar. I hate this greasy stuff! Tibetans don't eat this often except on special occasion. What most Tibetans eat daily is kind that is not deep fried, using maida. First we need chhuku. It is obtain after churning curd and extracting butter. After extracting butter from curd, the remaining liquid looks like thin curd called dhara. Dhara sounds like hindi dhara(wave?). I think dhara is the same as what Indians called buttermilk. But Tibetans don't drink salty spiced ( spiced with ginger, dhaniya) buttermilk that Indians drink. We drink dhara after adding sugar. Dhara is boiled without sugar. What we get from this is called chhuku. It is sour liquid and very tasty and has laxative effect without upsetting stomach. Chhuku is added when making dough for maida bhaley. Only chhuku or some chhuku and some water when kneading dough. Then dough is left whole night covered. Next day, dough is kneaded with some maida, and some baking soda is added. Very small amount, 1 tablespoon, for dough for 8 pple. It increases volume. After that, it is cooked on pan (tava) like how you make roti/ chapati. Small ball from this dough is keep aside for tomorrow's bhaley. At the time of kneading tomorrow's dough, that small ball is kneaded along with the dough for fermentation. Next day, process is same as before, adding little baking soda.. and keep another small dough ball for the next day and so on. Chhuku is not used every day as long as we have that small fermentation ball from earlier night. That ball is called chhemen.

    The dough prepared in this way for making bhaley can be also used for making tingmo.

    Monasteries in South India makes a version of sweet bhaley that other Tibetans don't know how to make. It goes very well with Tibetan tea, but it is not eaten with sabzi. It is only breakfast bhaley.

    You can get chhuku without churning curd. Keep natural cow milk ( not package UHT variety) in a bisleri bottle with closed cap at room temperature for at least two days. It will curdle and bottle well swell up. Now boil this curdled milk which looks like curd. Drain it. You get cheese and remaining liquid is chhukhu. Milk should be left at room temperature for at least 2 days to get sour chhuku. Otherwise, you will get sweet tasting chhuku, which is not good.
    * It is chhukhu, not chhuku.

  5. I was watching this video with my husband and telling about eating sugar stuffed inside and then fried like paratha, mostly evening snacks. I am a Bengali and we also ate it like Kunal.

  6. Darjeeling Shangri-la restaurant.. Thanks for showing there kadai.. So dirty never going in my life in tht restaurant.. They are playing with our heath very bad.. My workers they have better kadaii then tht.. So poor Shangri-la hahaha

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