Salted Cashew Caramel Energy Bites

Salted Cashew Caramel Energy Bites

Bowl filled with Cashew Caramel Date Bites

We’re no strangers to date bites around here, but these may just top them all. Strong claim, but with good reason. If you love the flavors of buttery cashews, salted caramel, and coconut, you’re going to love these energy bites!

Just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes required for these naturally sweetened, plant-based gems that are perfect for on-the-go snacking, pre- or post-workout fuel, or a healthier dessert! Let us show you how it’s done.

Cashews, medjool dates, shredded coconut, and sea salt

It starts with medjool dates to provide the sweet, sticky, caramelly base. Cashews and shredded coconut add richness and texture. And sea salt takes them into salted caramel goodness land. Swoon!

Food processor with pitted dates, shredded coconut, cashews, and sea salt

These simple ingredients are blended up in a food processor.

Food processor of Salted Cashew Caramel Energy Bite dough

Then scooped into adorable bite-sized portions (we use this small cookie scoop for ease).

Salted Cashew Caramel Energy Bite dough in a small cookie scoop

And rolled into balls! That’s assuming they make it this far before sneaking into your mouth.

Clay and ceramic tray filled with date bites, sea salt, cashews, and shredded coconut

We hope you LOVE these bites! They’re:

Quick & easy
& Delicious!

Enjoy as an on-the-go snack, pre- or post-workout fuel, or a healthier dessert! They’d also pair well with a glass of dairy-free milk.

Other Easy Energy Bite Recipes

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Salted Caramel Date Energy Bite sitting next to a bowl of more date bites

  • To a food processor add pitted dates, cashews, coconut, and sea salt (adjust amount as needed if nuts are salted). Note: If you don’t have a food processor you can try using a blender, but dates can be tough for blenders due to their sticky nature, so use a low speed if possible and pulse rather than blending.
  • Pulse until the mixture is blended into a dough and starts to clump together (~30 seconds to 1 minute). If it’s too dry or crumbly and it doesn’t stick together when pressed between two fingers, add more pitted dates (just ensure your dates are sticky and fresh, or it will only further dry out the mixture.) If still dry and crumbly, you could add a bit of cashew butter to help them form (optional).
  • Scoop out 1 ½ Tbsp amounts (we love this scoop) and roll into balls. As the original recipe is written, ~9 balls.
  • Enjoy immediately or store leftovers covered in the refrigerator up to 1 week, or in the freezer up to 1 month. We prefer these right out of the fridge for best flavor and texture!

*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.


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